Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak foosball table (~$640/$714)

Carrom 750.33 foosball table


First things first: its so stupid if you ask me, but it’s actually MDF and not burr oak. That’s a serious marketing issue, guys!

It’s a great table, but I’ll describe the cons first.

Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak is basically a cheaper version of the premium table made by Carrom, the Signature. It’s a good thing for a tight budget, but here are a few drawbacks: no counterbalanced men, no leg levelers and rubber handles. That’s pretty much it!

Honestly, I love this model. Yes, some important features are missing, but when I played on Carrom 750.33 it still felt great, much better than other tables in this category, perhaps second best to Warrior. Leg levelers and rubber handles are missing, but that’s all outside of the playfield.

The cabinet itself, hovewer, is top notch! Foosball men, rods, playing surface didn’t disappoint. To me most of the Carrom tables are Tornado clones and I’m perfectly fine with that. The feel of the game is what’s important and this table totally delivers. The shape of the foosball men is borrowed from Tornado, but are custom painter, which is awesome.

Yes, it’s not the top of the line table (for *cough* only $640 *cough*), but it’s not what we’re going for in this category!

*the price for this one has changed several times. Seems like Carrom just juggle tables on sale. You can also check Carrom Aegean model.

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