Designer Home Foosball Table (~1,100$)

Designer Home Foosball Table

The classiest I could find! This table wins over every other one in terms of visual appeal, at least in my opinion.

It looks very similar to the ones I’ve listed in Tornado post (Sottsdale and Madison), but is so much more unique. Designer Home Foosball not only looks great for the outside, it also has an awesome original cabinet design, which is what differs it from Tornado tables I’ve mentioned above. It is also twice as cheap 🙂

Now to the sad part, which is gameplay. It actually sucks. It’s not the end of the world, but if it was at least a bit better, I would be able to put this awesome looking tabe above American Heritage Carlyle.

And now imagine the difference in gameplay between Designer Home Foosball and Tornado design models. It’s huge. The unique cabinet may be a positive when talking about the aesthethics, but I would never choose it over almost as good looking table with Tornado cabinet ‘under the hood’. Well, if I had 2,000$ to spend on Tornado, of course 🙂

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