KICK Onyx foosball table (~$550)

Kick Onyx best foosball table

KICK is a relatively new brand on the market, but their founder is a 25-year veteran of the game. I like their tables because they fill the very important nieche of good quality middle-priced foosball tables, previously occupied solely buy Warrior.

In general, KICK Onyx is an ‘elegant’ model and has a lot going for it. While Warrior is still better for professional foosers, KICK Onyx suits casual and intermediate players more.

It does’nt have your typical blocky desing which makes it a nice-looking piece of furniture. Let’s not forget that for many people foosball is a game, rather than a sport.

The main positive in terms of gameplay must be the foosball men that Kick use for this table. Their shape is more in line with Tornado men, which provides really, really great ball control and smooth gameplay. Not surprising, if you remember the background of the founder of the company. KICK Onyx also comes with numerous features like leg levelers and optional 1 or 3 goalies setup and etc. Not crucial factors, but rather a nice bonus from the manufacturer.

KICK company is also famous for providing easy to assemble products and great customer support. They offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a satisfaction policy

Overall, KICK Onyx is a solid purchase and I’m sure you’re going to be delighted to have it in your room.


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KICK Onyx foosball table










Cost Efficiency



  • Big and heavy
  • Customer support


  • Assembly time
  • Price

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