Mini foosball table by Hey! Play!(~$20)

mini foosball table by Hey! Play!

In some sense this item should’ve been my first recommendation. People on Amazon love it and I get why: for only $20 you get the very basic toy and that’s all kids need. It’s a good way to check if your kids even buy into this type of games. If they drop it tomorrow- hey, you’ve only spent 20 bucks on this, so it’s not a big deal.

Some downsides: it will take around 30 min to assemble, the quality is rather poor, so it’s gonna feel clunky. Plus you can find some horrible reviews in the Amazon comments section!

So yeah, it’s not an easy choice 🙂 How I see this: do I spend $20 to not potentially waste $70 for a really good table in case kids won’t be interested at all?

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