Playcraft Sport Foosball Table (~$85)


Overall, if you value the visual appeal to kids, this talbe is the best option in this category.

Another table made almost completely ou of MDF. It could be a little sturdier (see American Legend Charger), but since it’s designed for children I don’t really mind that.

The main advantage of Playcraft Sport is the design. It comes in black and red colours with a lot of graphics, well, you get the point. Probably worth mentioning, that graphics are not painted on to MDF, but rather the table is wrapped in this huge sticker.

I haven’t noticed any outstanding features in Playcraft Sport, apart from the leg levelers. Honestly, I’d say it’s an overreach, you don’t really need this feature for casual play and it influences the price negatively. But whatever, I guess it’s still a nice feature to have and beats the same model from this manufacturer that has foldable legs.

In terms of gameplay: other from the leg levelers, it’s pretty standard and feels the same as in most other tables in this category. One thing that made me like this one more than Hathaway Playoff is the design of the cabinet. It’s more ‘deep’ which makes the walls higher. They don’t use this in their marketing, but they should. It really affects the gameplay and prevents long breaks!

The last thing I shoudld mention is that the assembly time seems like a big problem with this one. I’ve never had to do it, but there are many people complaining about it in the Amazon comments section!

*You can switch between red and black tables using a little button on the Amazon page

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Playcraft Sport Foosball Table













  • Visuals
  • You can choose between two designs
  • Price


  • Far from the best build

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