Sport Squad FX40 mini foosball table (~$60)

FX 40 mini foosball table

I like this one simply because it tries to replicate the visuals of full-seized tables. It’s does a great job at that, but some things are left to be desired.

It also happens to be made of relatively high quality materials. The size is an important factor and FX40 is bigger than most of the other tables in this category. Yes, tabletops are designed to be compact, but hell, it’s so nice to be able to play a game with my big adult hands! Plus, kids love big toys/presents.

Another little feature I’d like to mention is the fact that it has rubber pads on the bottom of the legs – which is really great and will protect the surface on which you or your kids will be playing. The playing surface is MDF particle board and not real wood, but does anyone even care?

Overall very good purchase, but perhaps you wouldn’t want to pay $70 for a mini foosball in a world where Harvill Tabletop Foosball exists 🙂

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