Tornado design line (~2,200$)

Tornado Scottsdale

Now, I actually made up the title, and since my experience with these table was just playing for one evening on Scottsdale, you probably should do some additional research. There’s also zero information on Tornado website, so bare with me on this one.

There are 4 tables currently available on Amazon and I’ve gathered them all here in one post. Pardon my lazyness, but the tables here have pretty much similar costs, playfield cabinet and only differ visually.

So just choose the one that looks the best to your eye!

Tornado Scottsdale (2,400$)

Tornado Scottsdale

Tornado Reagan (2,200$)

Tornado Reagan

Tornado Worthington (2,200$)

Tornado Worthington

Tornado Madison (2,200$)

Tornado Madison

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