EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table (~$199)


This is the second of my  EastPoint foosball table reviews: first Durango and now Preston. Both models impressed me with the build quality (relative to the price it’s simply unmatched). Both tables are build to last, but this product in particular provides very smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

EastPoint Sports Preston is lightweight and mobile, but its dimensions are exactly the same as most tournament-size tables, which is bad for bars and great for home/recreational use. Some nice features for foosball enthusiasts include:

*Quality of the rods

*Leg levelers

*Robot style players

*Single goalie setup (you can read more about why I prefer this setup in the blog)

I honestly can’t say if you’ll be able to perform all the pro techniques, maybe  with a proper ball, not the one that comes with the table by default, because those are kinda crappy, but bearable.

EastPoint in general is quite a big company with rich past and nice customer service. Foosball tables are not their main point of focus, but that is actually why I am so impressed with their tables – because they hit a very nice spot between quality and price seemingly effortless.

So tl;dr; for this one would be: not for professional players, but great for home/office because of being a quality tournament seize table for a laughable price 🙂

Also a small video to help with assembly, kudos to EastPoint for creating videos like this for their products. Have to say it was  really resfreshing writing EastPoint foosball table reviews, new company with very good tables.


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EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table













  • Modern Design
  • Full Size Table
  • Price


  • Borderline mid range table, but not quite there

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