Garlando G-500 Foosball Table Review


In my eyes, this table isn’t bad at all, it’s just that there are not so many redeeming factors for its place on the market. Garlando G-500 is marketed as a younger brother for Garlando World Champion that would fit casual and intermediate level players, who don’t take foosball really seriosly. And I keep repeating myself, but that’s exactly what I like and is absolutely inline with my vision of this website.

But unfortunately, there are just better tables out there (for this category). One could say that this table is much better than Garlando Open Air (which weights much less, hence G-500 is sturdier and won’t break during intense play). Well, this is absolutely true and a good reason to opt in G-500 over Open Air.

One could also say that G-500 has a better, ITSF recognized cabinet design than Kettler Weatherproof. And this is true as well, but depends on how much you care about similarity with tournament level tables.

Overall, this table is seven out of ten and has great design, but before buying it you should at least check other two tables in this category!

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