Garlando Open Air foosball table review


One of the best brands out there, Garlando is well-known for their wide range of products: indoor and outdoor, coin-ops and small tables for kids, you name it. Also, and there is no official stats for this, but from my observations, it’s the most copied table, due to it’s simple and straightforward design.

Today we’re gonna take a look at one of the most popular Garlando models – Garlando Open Air.

High quality materials, well thought out design (ITSF recognized brand) and a reasonable price – holds true for most Garlando models. The biggest and the most obvious downside – it’s not heavy, so four adults in a bar wouldn’t enjoy playing on this table at all. But since it’s not designed for such circumstances, Garlando Open Air gets a free pass here.

On the opposite, it’s perfect table for families. Full-sized yet not too big, has telescopic rods (!!!) and a sturdy cabinet.

Essentially, this table combines some of the best features of different categories that I have on my website. It’s obviously a very good outdoor foosball table that can be easily used indoors as well, it doesn’t take too much space and it’s one of the safest foosball table for kids because of the telescopic rods.

Now, is it reasonably priced? Depends. For beginner and intermediate players, kids, or just adults who love the game, but never considered playing in tournaments – yes, it is actually a great deal.

Don’t buy this table if you are planning to practice for tournaments. First, there are no real tournaments on Garlando in US and even in Europe. Plus, most of the tournaments are played on Tornado, some on Warrior and only after that we have tournaments on EU tables outside of EU. In that case you’re better just spending your money on one of the traditional brands.

Overall, I’d say this table has won me over instantly. Yes, it’s not heavy, but it never really mattered to me, since i don’t own a bar 🙂 Otherwise – crazy sturdiness, portability AND I can easily transport it by myself or in a car? In reality it’s even better than it sounds 🙂

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Garlando Open Air










Cost Efficiency



  • Foldable
  • Not heavy at all


  • A little bit smaller than pro tables

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