Evelove Table 3-In-1 Multi Combo (~$130)

Giantex 48" 3-In-1 Multi Combo | Best Foosball Tables 101

Evelove is the best foosball multi game table!

I don’t give a damn, this thing… it’s awesome. I know this site is about foosball, but guess what: foosball part of this one could easily hold a candle to any other model I’ve listed in this category. They use freakin robot-style players!

Now add pool and air hockey to that!


Screw the Xbox, Ipad and PC, time to play tabletop games! :)

And honestly, excluding a really sturdy model like American Legend Charger, all tables in this category are pretty much the same in terms of the build quality. So why not grab Air hockey and Pool as well?

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Playcraft Sport Foosball Table (~$85)


Overall, if you value the visual appeal to kids, this talbe is the best option in this category.

Another table made almost completely ou of MDF. It could be a little sturdier (see American Legend Charger), but since it’s designed for children I don’t really mind that.

The main advantage of Playcraft Sport is the design. It comes in black and red colours with a lot of graphics, well, you get the point. Probably worth mentioning, that graphics are not painted on to MDF, but rather the table is wrapped in this huge sticker.

I haven’t noticed any outstanding features in Playcraft Sport, apart from the leg levelers. Honestly, I’d say it’s an overreach, you don’t really need this feature for casual play and it influences the price negatively. But whatever, I guess it’s still a nice feature to have and beats the same model from this manufacturer that has foldable legs.

In terms of gameplay: other from the leg levelers, it’s pretty standard and feels the same as in most other tables in this category. One thing that made me like this one more than Hathaway Playoff is the design of the cabinet. It’s more ‘deep’ which makes the walls higher. They don’t use this in their marketing, but they should. It really affects the gameplay and prevents long breaks!

The last thing I shoudld mention is that the assembly time seems like a big problem with this one. I’ve never had to do it, but there are many people complaining about it in the Amazon comments section!

*You can switch between red and black tables using a little button on the Amazon page

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Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table (~$90)

Best Choice Products 48" foosball | Best Foosball Tables 101

One of the cheapest model in this category, it still beats Hathaway Playoff  in terms of material quality. It’s beyond my understanding, why are these tables priced that way. I guess, the colourfull visual look of Hatthaway keeps it competetive.

There’s nothing really special about Best Choice Products 48″, but on the other hand it’s absolutely worth the money. It’s professional foosers nightmare and a dream purchase for any kid or just a casual player.

You get a relatively heavy, sturdy table and the price doesn’t even reach a hundred bucks.

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Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table (~250$)

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

This table is a very unique piece of furniture. Yes, it’s a coffe table first!

Before we get to the positives, I’ll mention the only problem with this one. It’s kinda obvious and not really a big deal if you know what you want, but still: the gameplay is terrible, men are cheap plastic ones and there are many unreachable spots.

Now with that out of the way, some reasons why someone would want to buy it:

  • It’s actually quite big for a coffee table and I like that.
  • In addition to the playfiled it has a shelve below, which can be handy.
  • It’s absolutely unique item and you can hardly find any alternatives to this table.
  • If you don’t trust a single opinion, you should check the reviews on Amazon, people seem to go crazy over it 🙂
  • And finally, ‘social’ reasons. Whenever your friends come to visit, you sure have at least one thing to entertain them. Adults will love it, kids will love it. And jsut overall a great solid purchase!

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Tornado design line (~2,200$)

tornado scottsdale foosball table review | Best Foosball Tables 101.com

Now, I actually made up the title, and since my experience with these table was just playing for one evening on Scottsdale, you probably should do some additional research. There’s also zero information on Tornado website, so bare with me on this one.

There are 4 tables currently available on Amazon and I’ve gathered them all here in one post. Pardon my lazyness, but the tables here have pretty much similar costs, playfield cabinet and only differ visually.

So just choose the one that looks the best to your eye!

Tornado Scottsdale (2,400$)

Tornado Scottsdale

Tornado Reagan (2,200$)

Tornado Reagan

Tornado Worthington (2,200$)

Tornado Worthington

Tornado Madison (2,200$)

Tornado Madison

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Designer Home Foosball Table (~1,100$)

Designer Home Foosball Table

The classiest I could find! This table wins over every other one in terms of visual appeal, at least in my opinion.

It looks very similar to the ones I’ve listed in Tornado post (Sottsdale and Madison), but is so much more unique. Designer Home Foosball not only looks great for the outside, it also has an awesome original cabinet design, which is what differs it from Tornado tables I’ve mentioned above. It is also twice as cheap 🙂

Now to the sad part, which is gameplay. It actually sucks. It’s not the end of the world, but if it was at least a bit better, I would be able to put this awesome looking tabe above American Heritage Carlyle.

And now imagine the difference in gameplay between Designer Home Foosball and Tornado design models. It’s huge. The unique cabinet may be a positive when talking about the aesthethics, but I would never choose it over almost as good looking table with Tornado cabinet ‘under the hood’. Well, if I had 2,000$ to spend on Tornado, of course 🙂

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American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table (~800$)

american heritage carlyle foosball table review | Best Foosball Tables 101

The second classiest I could find and the winner of this category! Yes, when comparing this table to Carmelli Millennium the latter won in terms of gameplay quality.

But the ability to perform all complex shots is not something that an average customer needs. People prefer sturdy, durable models. Carlyle nails this aspect.

It is still a great table to play on for advanced players: hollow rods, counterbalanced men, adjustable leg levelers, very nice feeling wooden handles. Really, it would be unfair of me to complain.

To summarize the review: Carlyle’s main competitor among my picks Carmelli Millennium looks good and plays great. Hovewer, American Herritage Carlyle undisputably wins me over with elegant design and a whole bunch of awesome features as a bonus. If you can afford the price, it will make your living room a better place.

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Carmelli Millennium 55 In. Foosball Table (~980$)


‘The Millennium foosball table was not only designed to look great, it was designed to play great!’

Only the second part of this description is accurate. The table looks good, but not as good as American Heritage. Where the Millenum wins out is definitely the gameplay department. I recommend this table over American Heritage, if you put prioritize gameplay over visuals. .

Seriously, all the boxes checked for competetive players. Hell, they even have counterbalanced players! What?!

If you think this table look snice, go for it. If you don’t – get the same quality Warrior table for about 250$ less.

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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table (~440$)

Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they’re doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to it, unlike others that I’ve found.

And yet again, the creators behind the design manage to blend essential gameplay concepts and very nice aesthetic touch. This thing is the cheapest table that allows for decent ball control and at the same time looks awesome. Can’t say enough good things about Harvill company!

But of course they show themselves to be a bit overenthusiastic with hundreds of parts and something like 4 hours required to assemble their great table!

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Harvill Tabletop mini foosball (~60$)


My only true love in this category, it provides the best value for your money and looks very, very nice. Just like FX40 this one comes with non-marking pads which is a nice feature to have. The general impression is that, compared to other ones in this category, much more thought was put into creating this table.

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve even added 3 goalies! It just pushes all the right buttons for more mature audience. Even the horrible plastic handles aren’t as bad here. This model is awesome not because of some unique feature, but rather because it doesn’t have the downsides you expect to see.

Just to be fair I guess I have to mention assembly time, relatively longer than most similar tables.

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