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Best foosball table for kids

The most important feature for children’s safety is telescopic rods, that don’t extend outside the playing cabinet of the table when the handle is pushed fully in. Unfortunately it’s really difficult to find this feature in cheaper tables. The only alternative as far as I know is the rod guards of Warrior tables.

Yes, it’s a bummer, that the majority of manufacturers don’t put emphasis on this feature but that’s because tournament tables traditionally don’t come with telescopic rods. All I can do is to bring this fact to your attention.

 And one last point: when I call any table from this category ‘sturdy’ that really means ‘relatively sturdy for such a low price’. No table from this list is designed to withstand 4 adults playing. I did my best to find high quality products, but in reality it’s close to impossible to do so when we’re talking about something under $300. I don’t want to discourage you, it’s just that I personally feel a bit guilty using words like ‘sturdy’ here and when describing tournament quality tables.


TableDimensions and other infoMy RatingPrice
EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table
EastPoint Preston Best Foosball table
Relatively new brand on the market.
Price bordering on $200, but still below our mark of $300.
Modern Design.
Evelove Table 3-In-1 Multi Combo
Giantex 48" 3-In-1 Multi Combo
Combines 3 in 1 with above average quality, which is imo a huge benefit.
Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Playcraft-Foosball-Table-Red20-15-15
One of the best options in this category - cheap, bright and colorful, perfect entry level product.
Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table
Best Choice Products 48"
Another cheap model with less emphasis on looks and sturdy construction.
American Legend Charger
Best foosball table | American Legend Charger
Very sturdy 🙂
Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table
Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table
Best representative of this category.


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Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table Soccer Review

Hathaway Playoff was obviously designed to appeal to kids and I’ve mentioned that this is an important criteria for this category. With lots of colourfull graphics on the inside and outside of the playing cabinet, kids will probably love this table.

Overall, this is a great ‘starter’ table. Given the price you won’t have to worry about it’s condiiton.[carousel_slide id=’1136′]

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EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Review

I’ve decided to include two products from EastPoint: Durango and Preston. Both models impressed me with the build quality (relative to the price it’s simply unmatched). Both tables are build to last, but this product in particular provides very smooth and enjoyable gameplay.[carousel_slide id=’1145′]

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Evelove Table 3-In-1 Multi Combo Review

I know this site is about foosball, but guess what: foosball part of this one could easily hold a candle to any other model I’ve listed in this category. They use freakin robot-style players!

Now add pool and air hockey to that![carousel_slide id=’1154′]

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Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Review

Overall, if you value the visual appeal to kids, this talbe is the best option in this category.

Another table made almost completely ou of MDF. It could be a little sturdier (see American Legend Charger), but since it’s designed for children I don’t really mind that.[carousel_slide id=’1161′]

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