Best foosball table under $500

best foosball tables under 500$

We are ascending towards really high quality tables. You will have to excuse me for breaking out of estimated budget sometimes. A proper title would actually be ‘best foosball table for ~$500’. 

Many manufacturers recognized and tried to cover the nieche of cheaper tables, but their products seemingly never fit in $500 limit. By adding a few features here and there most manufacturers try to squeze just a bit more value out of your potential purchase, at least that’s my experience. As a result, most of the tables for less than $500 are usually much worse than their counterparts for ~$550 (see Warrior Professional, the only deal, where you get tournament quality table for less than $600)

My deep belief is that unless you’re gonna practice for a tournament, you don’t  really need a Tornado table (people were still able to make calls before there was iPhone). Personally, I’ve never touched a Tornado or  a Bonzini table untill attending some local tournaments, yet still loved playing the game in bars and never felt any sort of frustration or problems with the gameplay. Any table from this list would be a nice addition to your room.

Correct logic:’I need a table to play foosball’.
Wrong logic:’I need the best Tornado table to play foosball’.

best foosball tables


Carrom 750.33 foosball table

Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak foosball table ($565/$714)

First things first: its so stupid if you ask me, but it's actually MDF and not burr oak. That's a ...
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Hathaway Primo foosball table

Hathaway Primo foosball table ($480)

This table wins you over with visual appeal, rather than great gameplay. Let's discuss negatives first. It's not the end ...
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best foosball tables amazom

KICK Triumph foosball table ($560)

KICK is a relatively new brand on the market, but their founder is a 25-year veteran of the game. I ...
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warrior professional foosball table

Warrior foosball table review ($570)

Warrior foosball table review Can't say enough good things about Warrior! If I'm not mistaken, it's the cheapest table recognized ...
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