[TOP 7] Best foosball table under $500/$1000 [2018]


Best foosball table


Best foosball table for the money

It may seem complicated at first, but it really is not. The situation on foosball market has been the same for almost a few decades now.

Tornado is the consensus best American brand because they make high quality premium tables. This is why you will never  see any experienced foos player criticize this brand.

The problem is that this type of ‘luxury’ marketing is incredibly disingenuous. It pleases the smallest buying audience on the market – hardcore foos players, who have the highest standards, but it’s actually aimed at your average Joe – biggest buying audience, people who buy tables for their kids/recreation.

Just as when buying a car you don’t go for the latest Bugatti or something, you shouldn’t get fooled by this marketing, even though foosball table is much cheaper than a car.

You can check the Amazon reviews of any decent table for around $500 and you will see that people are pretty much always happy with their purchase. You go to any foosball forum (or foosball reddit) for some help – and people physically can’t give any practical advice except for saying ‘damn just get a freakin Tornado table, it’s da best!’. Yeah, you can waste $1,500 on a table and never have any complaint about its quality. But guess what –  you can spend about half as much and get the same result! Also I have to admit that people on foosball reddit are much more open for discussion and ready to help.

I don’t mean to bash on Tornado company, their table is indeed what every aspiring foosball player wants to see in their room. But I have to stay consistent, honest and follow the main premise of this entire website!

After all, I want more people to play foosball and that is why I recommend Warrior Professional. And if you’re still not convinced – just as Tornado tables, Warrior Professional is recognized by International Table Soccer Federation. Who else would you trust on that?

Do you buy the best car ever, or do you go for the one that is the best for you?

So yes, the best foosball table is probably one of the Tornado models, but the best foosball table for the money is Warrior Professional.

If $600 is too high for just a foosball table, I’ve found some other products that will absolutely satisfy you and become a great addition to your room. But Warrior Professional is really something special and we, customers, should be happy to have this no bs deal.

Correct logic:’I need a table to play foosball’.
Wrong logic:’I need the best Tornado table to play foosball’.

best foosball tables



Warrior foosball table review

Can’t say enough good things about Warrior! If I’m not mistaken, it’s the cheapest table recognized by ITSF. Honestly, that’s the best recommendation. Yes, it costs more than $500, but if there is a table worth spending extra $90 on it’s this one.

Honestly, this table is the only offer where you don’t have to make compromises. I still can’t understand how did they manage to put such a low price on to such an awesome and (screw it) FLAWLESS table. I’m not joking, this table even manages to combine american and european playing styles. If you’re a fan of european pin ball control (which is incredibly hard to do on Tornado), you need a worthy hobby and you’re looking for a way to spend your time with some benefit to your mind and body, then Warrior is the way to go. This is not your usual low quality, rotten piece of wood.

Despite such a low price, it’s sturdy, relatively lightweight and provides smooth gameplay. The company ships only one model of foosball tables and they’ve put all their time into it. They’ve also done a lot to bring foosball to the mainstream audience. It’s a tough task ahead of them and they deserve respect for fighting this uphill battle.

Honestly, this is a dream option for small budget. Just get a proper ball and you’ll enjoy this table for years, no jokes.

*Edit: since I first wrote this post the Warrior company has noticeably raised the price (a few times), making this table even less fitting to the category ‘under $500’. I still recommend this model and manufacturer, despite the changes. It’s still the only option where you don’t have to compromise, still great price and great quality. Also, and it’s not like I recommend doing this, but you can literally bargain with the manufacturer. I’ve seen them give seroious discounts/pr campaigns numerous times and you can contact people from the company directly or via foosball reddit (or just leave a comment and I’ll respond). It’s not difficult to get a brand new table under $600.

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Kick Onyx best foosball table

KICK is a relatively new brand on the market, but their founder is a 25-year veteran of the game. I like their tables because they fill the very important nieche of good quality middle-priced foosball tables, previously occupied solely buy Warrior.

In general, KICK Onyx is an ‘elegant’ model and has a lot going for it. While Warrior is still better for professional foosers, KICK Onyx suits casual and intermediate players more.

It does’nt have your typical blocky desing which makes it a nice-looking piece of furniture. Let’s not forget that for many people foosball is a game, rather than a sport.

The main positive in terms of gameplay must be the foosball men that Kick use for this table. Their shape is more in line with Tornado men, which provides really, really great ball control and smooth gameplay. Not surprising, if you remember the background of the founder of the company. KICK Onyx also comes with numerous features like leg levelers and optional 1 or 3 goalies setup and etc. Not crucial factors, but rather a nice bonus from the manufacturer.

KICK company is also famous for providing easy to assemble products and great customer support. They offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty and a satisfaction policy

Overall, KICK Onyx is a solid purchase and I’m sure you’re going to be delighted to have it in your room.

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Hathaway Primo foosball table

This table wins you over with visual appeal, rather than great gameplay. Let’s discuss negatives first.

It’s not the end of the world, but there are a few things I have to touch on.

The main biggest problem with Hathaway Primo is the shape of foosball men. Unlike their counterparts in KICK Legend, they kinda suck. People in Hathaway didn’t try to emulate the design of Tornado men and went for more common robot-style with blocky legs. It may not seem like a big deal, but the pin controll will be almost impossible, unless you have a special ‘yellow’ ball from Warrior or Bonzini.

Also, Hathaway claim to have counterbalanced men. It is true, but the way the’ve implemented this feature is the weirdest I’ve ever encountered. Honestly, you have to play on it to get what I mean and I’m sorry I can’t describe it better. Long story short, dont put too much hope into great 1 v 1 experience.

If all said above didn’t scare you off – awesome. Aside from gameplay cons, this is actually a very solid product.

The table cabinet has a thick and durable melamine and looks so good! I personally love metallic colors and non-traditional silver and brown men. Damn, it just pushes all the right buttons and makes you want to wear a tailcoat while playing.

In conclusion: being a hardcore fooser I honestly can’t recommend this table over Warrior. But objectively, this table wasn’t designed for professionals and there’s obviously high demand for it on the market. People love it for relavitvely good gameplay, very solid build and expensive look for a very affordable price.

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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they’re doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to it, unlike others that I’ve found.

And yet again, the creators behind the design manage to blend essential gameplay concepts and very nice aesthetic touch. This thing is the cheapest table that allows for decent ball control and at the same time looks awesome. Can’t say enough good things about Harvill company!

But of course they show themselves to be a bit overenthusiastic with hundreds of parts and something like 4 hours required to assemble their great table!

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EastPoint Preston Best Foosball table

I’ve decided to include two products from EastPoint: Durango and Preston. Both models impressed me with the build quality (relative to the price it’s simply unmatched). Both tables are build to last, but this product in particular provides very smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

EastPoint Sports Preston is lightweight and mobile, but its dimensions are exactly the same as most tournament-size tables, which is bad for bars and great for home/recreational use. Some nice features for foosball enthusiasts include:

*Quality of the rods

*Leg levelers

*Robot style players

*Single goalie setup (you can read more about why I prefer this setup in the blog)

I honestly can’t say if you’ll be able to perform all the pro techniques, maybe  with a proper ball, not the one that comes with the table by default, because those are kinda crappy, but bearable.

EastPoint in general is quite a big company with rich past and nice customer service. Foosball tables are not their main point of focus, but that is actually why I am so impressed with their tables – because they hit a very nice spot between quality and price seemingly effortless.

So tl;dr; for this one would be: not for professional players, but great for home/office because of being a quality tournament seize table for a laughable price 🙂

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Also a small video to help with assembly, kudos to EastPoint for creating videos like this for their products


EastPoint Durango best foosball table

A little bit heavier than EastPoint Preston (still well over 100 lbs), this table is my second favorite after Warrior Professional. TOP 1, if you consider that Warrior Pro actually costs around $600.

It is still not sturdy enough to be put in a bar or something, but other than that it is amazing and perfectly fits any family enviroment.

Just as Hathaway Primo, this table nails the visual part. They look quite similar, but I personally prefer this one over metallic, shiny appearance of Hathaway Primo. Overall the table was made to look akin to other pieces of furniture and complement the room, which is exactly what most non-professional people need.

There’s honestly not much to say about the actual gameplay. Leg levelers are absent, but it’s not the end of the world. Three man goalie setup is a nice touch by manufacturer, but as I always point out in every review, it’s not crucial either. In general you shouldn’t chase these little features, because most of the time they don’t affect the gameplay and are there for marketing reasons.

It’s very, very rare that you’d get both visuals and gameplay covered for $500 budget. Usually, you would have to compromise. That’s why I find this table so unique – fancy design comes as a nice bonus, rather than a cover up for low quality build. I was genuinely surprised by the quality of their tables.

If you consider that Warrior Pro doesn’t really fit the category “under $500”, EastPoint Durango is imho the best table for the money.

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Also a small video to help with assembly, props to EastPoint for creating videos like this for their products.