[TOP 7] Best foosball table under $500/$1000 [2018]

best foosball table under 500$

You will have to excuse me for breaking out of estimated budget sometimes. A proper title would actually be ‘best foosball table for ~$500’. 

Best foosball table


Best foosball table for the money

It may seem complicated at first, but it really is not. The situation on foosball market has been the same for almost a few decades now.

Tornado is the consensus best American brand because they make high quality premium tables. This is why you will never  see any experienced foos player criticize this brand.

The problem is that this type of ‘luxury’ marketing is incredibly disingenuous. It pleases the smallest buying audience on the market – hardcore foos players, who have the highest standards, but it’s actually aimed at your average Joe – biggest buying audience, people who buy tables for their kids/recreation.

You can check the Amazon reviews of any decent table for around $500 and you will see that people are pretty much always happy with their purchase. You go to any foosball forum for some help – and people physically can’t give any practical advice except for saying ‘damn just get a freakin Tornado table, it’s da best!’. Yeah, you can waste $1,500 on a table and never have any complaint about its quality. But guess what –  you can spend about half as much and get the same result!

I don’t mean to bash on Tornado company, their table is indeed what every aspiring foosball player wants to see in their room. But I have to stay consistent, honest and follow the main premise of this entire website!

After all, I want more people to play foosball and that is why I recommend Warrior Professional. And if you’re still not convinced – just as Tornado tables, Warrior Professional is recognized by International Table Soccer Federation. Who else would you trust on that?

My deep belief is that unless you’re gonna practice for a tournament, you don’t  really need a Tornado table (people were still able to make calls before there was iPhone). Personally, I’ve never touched a Tornado or a Bonzini (another top brand, but European) table before attending some local tournaments, yet still loved playing the game in bars and never felt any sort of frustration or problems with the gameplay.

if $600 is too high for just a foosball table, I’ve found some other products that will absolutely satisfy you and become a great addition to your room. But Warrior Professional is really something special and we, customers, should be happy to have this no bs deal.

Correct logic:’I need a table to play foosball’.
Wrong logic:’I need the best Tornado table to play foosball’.

best foosball tables


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