Best foosball table under $500/$1000 [2018]


best foosball table for the money

Best foosball table


Best foosball table for the money


Tornado is the consensus best American brand because they make high quality premium tables. This is why you will never  see any experienced foos player criticize this brand.

The problem is that no driver would ever criticize Ferrari either.

Do you really need a professional foosball table? Only in case you’re really serious about going pro. 

So yes, the best foosball table is probably one of the Tornado models, but the best foosball table for the money is Warrior Professional.

And if you’re still not convinced – Warrior Professional is one of the few tables recognized by International Table Soccer Federation. 

It’s really something special and we, customers, should be happy to have this no bs deal.

Correct logic:’I need a table to play foosball’.
Wrong logic:’I need the best Tornado table to play foosball’.

TableDimensions and other infoPrice
Warrior Professional Foosball Table
warrior professional foosball table review
High quality.
ITSF recognized.
Rod Guards for children - unique feature.
EastPoint Sports Hunter Foosball Table
EastPoint Durango best foosball table
Very nice design.
Not the best, but very decent playfield.
Very good customer support.
Hathaway Primo Foosball Table
Hathaway Primo foosball table
Perfect mid-range table.
Nice design.
Playfield will only suit casual and advanced players.
KICK Onyx Foosball Table
Kick Onyx best foosball table
Very sturdy and high quality build.
Tornado-esque design and playstyle.
Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table
Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table
Surprisingly nice table from a new brand.
Nice design.
Playfield could be better.


This table is updated regularly.

Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Can’t say enough good things about Warrior! If I’m not mistaken, it’s the cheapest table recognized by ITSF. That’s the best recommendation. Yes, it costs more than $500, but if there is a table worth spending extra hundred bucks on – it’s this one.

[carousel_slide id=’1089′]Honestly, this table is the only offer where you don’t have to make compromises. I still can’t understand how did they manage to put such a low price on to such an awesome table. I’m not joking, this table even manages to combine american and european playing styles.

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EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table Review

Just a little bit heavier than EastPoint Preston (still well over 100 lbs), this table is my second favorite after Warrior Professional. TOP 1, if you consider that Warrior Pro actually costs around $600.

It is still not sturdy enough to be put in a bar or something, but other than that it is amazing and perfectly fits any family enviroment.[carousel_slide id=’1097′]

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Hathaway Primo Foosball Table Review

The main biggest problem with Hathaway Primo is the shape of foosball men. Unlike their counterparts in KICK Legend, they kinda suck. People in Hathaway didn’t try to emulate the design of Tornado men and went for more common robot-style with blocky legs.[carousel_slide id=’1105′]

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KICK Onyx Foosball Table Review

The main positive in terms of gameplay must be the foosball men that Kick use for this table. Their shape is more in line with Tornado men, which provides really, really great ball control and smooth gameplay. Not surprising, if you remember the background of the founder of the company.[carousel_slide id=’1111′]

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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table Review

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they’re doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to it, unlike others that I’ve found.

And yet again, the creators behind the design manage to blend essential gameplay concepts and very nice aesthetic touch. This thing is the cheapest table that allows for decent ball control and at the same time looks awesome. Can’t say enough good things about Harvill company![carousel_slide id=’1115′]

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