Best foosball table under $500 and $1000 [2018]


best foosball table for the money

Best foosball table


Best foosball table for the money

If you live in US there is a good chance of finding used Tornado tables on Craigslist or similar sites. I’d say around $500-$600 is a fair deal. It is also possible to find one on some local sale. But since I can’t really write reviews for used items, we’ll stick with Amazon.

tornado 3000 foosball table review

Tornado Foosball Tables Review

Well, if kept short, Tornado is probably the most popular and well-designed foosball table out there. It can be found in bars all over the world and is the commonly agreed standard for tournaments.  It celebrates precise, drill-heavy/zero mistakes style of play, ...
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Tornado is the consensus best American brand because they make high quality foosball tables. This is why you will never  see any experienced foos player criticize this brand.

The problem is that no driver would ever criticize Ferrari either.

Do you really need a professional foosball table? Only in case you’re really serious about going pro.

How much is a foosball table worth?

What is the best foosball table for home use?

It depends on your criteria. If it is cost efficiency, then you’re probably looking for a balance between price and overall quality of gameplay.

High end foosball tables are advertised all over the place. But the turth is most people who enjoy playing foosball are not pro players. Look, it is obvious to anyone that you don’t need the best cue to be able to play pool. But when it comes to foosball there is this myth that to “really’ play the game only few of the best quality foosball tables will do.

On the contary, I believe there are tons worthy high quality foosball tables on the market. I am looking for products that allow customers use all normal foosball techniques like pull shot, rollover etc. But tat the same time are not big name brands like Tornado, Warrior or Bonzini.

So when picking a foosball table best approach is to find the ones that are not made of cheap materials, have proper players design and not too sticky surface so you can actually controll the ball.

That’s pretty much it. If a table meets above criteria – you can play proper foosball on it. And you can get tables like that for under $500.

The best affordable foosball table –

EastPoint Sports Hunter. Beautiful design, full-size table with stupidly good gameplay. Very good purchase.

So yes, the best foosball table is probably one of the Tornado models, but the best foosball table for the money is one of the  ones I’ve listed below. With Warrior Professional (one of the few tables recognized by International Table Soccer Federation) being my personal favourite. Although i have to admit the price is around $700 now.

Correct logic:’I need a table to play foosball’.
Wrong logic:’I need the best Tornado table to play foosball’.

EastPoint Sports Hunter Foosball Table (~$420)

This table is my second favorite after Warrior Professional. Hunter foosball table gets TOP 1, if you consider that Warrior Pro actually costs around $600. It is still not sturdy enough to be put in a bar or something, but ...
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Hathaway Primo foosball table

Hathaway Primo foosball table (~$440)

This table wins you over with visual appeal, rather than great gameplay. Let's discuss negatives first. It's not the end of the world, but there are a few things I have to touch on. The main biggest problem with Hathaway ...
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Kick Onyx best foosball table

KICK Onyx foosball table (~$550)

KICK is a relatively new brand on the market, but their founder is a 25-year veteran of the game. I like their tables because they fill the very important nieche of good quality middle-priced foosball tables, previously occupied solely buy ...
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warrior foosball table reviews | best foosball tables 101

Warrior Professional foosball table review (~$590)

Warrior foosball table review Can't say enough good things about Warrior! If I'm not mistaken, it's the cheapest table recognized by ITSF. Honestly, that's the best recommendation. Yes, it costs more than $500, but if there is a table worth ...
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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table

Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table (~440$)

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they're doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to it, unlike others that I've found. And yet again, the creators behind the design manage to blend essential gameplay concepts ...
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