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How to play foosball?

Many people who like the game end up pushed back by it’s “complexity”. I believe they just don’t know where to start. Here are some foosball tips to help you get into the game and understand common foosball strategy.

Foosball shots : vanilla push shot

Foosball tips #5: 2 bar shots and concepts

Often times when playing offense I kinda feel like a cheat. The opponent goalkeeper is either bad and gets scored on almost every single time, or the game itself puts him at a disadvantage and he still loses. Which kinda robs the offense player of his full credit. But on the other hand - foosball shots from defense are extremely deadly. On the opposite - you basically can never fail as a goalkeeper because the expectation is so low. And ...
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Foosball Tips | Best Foosball Tables 101

Foosball Tips #4: some offensive concepts for noobs

foosball table First of all, thanks to everyone for comments and upvotes, really preciate it. The format I used before (pick a subject and try to gather all thoughts in a structured manner) was really time consuming and it fits more for reviews of foosball tables. I was trying to write some sort of textbook for beginners, but I'm not sure anyone other than veterans of the game or real hardcore people would go through it all. So for this ...
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Foosball Tips #3: How to block a pull shot

Hello, foosers, hope you’re doing well. My procrastination took a few steps back, so I decided to continue this big guide, hopefully it’ll be more useful and informative than previous ones. In general, this post will be about foosball blocks, specifically Just a little reminder, original plan was to go over every position in offense from top to bottom and now it would make sense to discuss how to block the classic pull shot. I have to admit I postponed ...
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Foosball Tips: How to play defense #2

First I’d like to thank everyone for providing much needed feedback! There were some things missing and I’ll try to go over them in this post. I know it turned out to be flawed, but, please, bare with me. I’m figuring out this thing in the process and in the end I’ll cover 90% of the defensive concepts. Even though I only discussed one (!) position in previous guide, it still turned out to be very incomplete. Just as in ...
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Foosball Tips: How to play defense #1

Intro to foosball defense. This post is meant for people trying to find more stability when playing foosball defense. If this little tutorial helps anyone I'll be unjustifiably proud. I didn't include snake shot defense for two reasons: it's a relatively complicated area with lots of nuances and the fact that it's very easy to recognize, when the opponent goes for the snake shot. My goal is to try to explain which shots are executable from your opponents current position, ...
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