Warrior Professional foosball table review (~$590)

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Warrior foosball table review

Can’t say enough good things about Warrior! If I’m not mistaken, it’s the cheapest table recognized by ITSF. Honestly, that’s the best recommendation. Yes, it costs more than $500, but if there is a table worth spending extra $100 on it’s this one. The whole idea of writing foosball table reviews was about showing how good Warrior Pro is.

In my eyes his table is the only offer where you don’t have to make compromises. I still can’t understand how did they manage to put such a low price on to such an awesome and (screw it) FLAWLESS table. I’m not joking, this table even manages to combine american and european playing styles. If you’re a fan of european pin ball control (which is incredibly hard to do on Tornado), you need a worthy hobby and you’re looking for a way to spend your time with some benefit to your mind and body, then Warrior is the way to go. This is not your usual low quality, rotten piece of wood.

Despite such a low price, it’s sturdy, relatively lightweight and provides smooth gameplay. The company ships only one model of foosball tables and they’ve put all their time into it. They’ve also done a lot to bring foosball to the mainstream audience. It’s a tough task ahead of them and they deserve respect for fighting this uphill battle.

Honestly, this is a dream option for small budget. Just get a proper ball and you’ll enjoy this table for years, no jokes.

*Edit: since I first wrote this post the Warrior company has noticeably raised the price (a few times), making this table even less fitting to the category ‘under $500’.

Reddit foosball tips on purchasing a table

I still recommend this model and manufacturer, despite the changes. It’s still the only option where you don’t have to compromise, still great price and great quality. Also, and it’s not like I recommend doing this, but you can literally bargain with the manufacturer directly on reddit foosball. I’ve seen them give seroious discounts/pr campaigns numerous times and you can contact people from the company. Reddit Foosballl | Best Foosball Tables 101

Or just leave a comment and someone will respond). It’s not difficult to get a brand new table for $600.

Here’s a link to reviews written by customers. Some of them are written much better than mine.

Warrior Foosball Table Reviews.