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foosball coffee table

These foosball coffee tables are meant to fit in with your interiror and complement the room.

The main problem with this category is finding balance between visuals and gameplay. It’s really difficult to settle on a perfect middle-ground, since most of the products are, in the first place, foosball tables. In fact, I was only able to find one or two ‘foosball coffe tables’ and they will be on top of the list.

foosball coffee table

In generall I’ve tried to pick nice looking, ‘classy’ tables that I can imagine seeing in a modern living room. It was relatively easy, since most of these tables are quite unique and memorable.


EastPoint Durango best foosball table

EastPoint Sports Durango Foosball Table ($420)

A little bit heavier than EastPoint Preston (still well over 100 lbs), this table is my second favorite after Warrior ...
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Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table (250$)

This table is a very unique piece of furniture. Yes, it's a coffe table first! Before we get to the ...
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Tornado Scottsdale

Tornado design line (~2,200$)

Now, I actually made up the title, and since my experience with these table was just playing for one evening ...
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Designer Home Foosball Table

Designer Home Foosball Table (1,100$)

The classiest I could find! This table wins over every other one in terms of visual appeal, at least in ...
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American Heritage - Carlyle Foosball Table

American Heritage – Carlyle Foosball Table (800$)

The second classiest I could find and the winner of this category! Yes, when comparing this table to Carmelli Millennium the latter ...
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Carmelli Millennium 55 In. Foosball Table (980$)

'The Millennium foosball table was not only designed to look great, it was designed to play great!' Only the second ...
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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table

Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table (440$)

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they're doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to ...
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