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foosball coffee table

These foosball coffee tables are meant to fit in with your interiror and complement the room.

The main problem with this category is finding balance between visuals and gameplay. It’s really difficult to settle on a perfect middle-ground, since most of the products are, in the first place, foosball tables. In fact, I was only able to find one or two ‘foosball coffe tables’ and they will be on top of the list.

foosball coffee table

In generall I’ve tried to pick nice looking, ‘classy’ tables that I can imagine seeing in a modern living room. It was relatively easy, since most of these tables are quite unique and memorable.


TableDimensions and other info
My RatingPrice
EastPoint Sports Hunter Foosball Table
EastPoint Durango best foosball table
Relatively cheap and nice looking, on of the newer models listed here.
4.8 (4.6 for the category under $500, but 4.8 here for it's aesthetics)~$420
Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table
Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table
The only true 'coffee foosball table' with quality materials I could find
Tornado Design Line
Tornado Scottsdale
56-30-36 for all 3 models.
Zero questions about the playfield quality, just as any Tornado model. Obviously priced very highly.
4.8 (5.0 if money is no issue 🙂 )~$2,300
Designer Home Foosball Table
Designer Home Foosball Table
If not the price that is actually just a littble bit over what I would expect, this table would be my top pick.
American Heritage - Carlyle Foosball Table
American Heritage - Carlyle Foosball Table
Best value for the money in this category. Looks great and still allows to enjoy the game on high level.
Carmelli Millennium 55 in. Foosball Table
Looks great, but the playfield could be better.
Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table
Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table
Another one of the new models with 'modern' look and attractive price.


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EastPoint Sports Hunter Foosball Table Review

Just as Hathaway Primo, this table nails the visual part. They look quite similar, but I personally prefer this one over metallic, shiny appearance of Hathaway Primo. Overall the table was made to look akin to other pieces of furniture and complement the room, which is exactly what most non-professional people need.[carousel_slide id=’1097′]

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Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Review

Before we get to the positives, I’ll mention the only problem with this one. It’s kinda obvious and not really a big deal if you know what you want, but still: the gameplay is terrible, men are cheap plastic ones and there are many unreachable spots.[carousel_slide id=’1180′]

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Tornado Design Line Review

There are 4 tables currently available on Amazon and I’ve gathered them all here in one post. Pardon my lazyness, but the tables here have pretty much similar costs, playfield cabinet and only differ visually.[carousel_slide id=’1184′]

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Designer Home Foosball Table Review

The classiest I could find! This table wins over every other one in terms of visual appeal, at least in my opinion.

It looks very similar to the ones I’ve listed in Tornado post (Sottsdale and Madison), but is so much more unique. Designer Home Foosball not only looks great for the outside, it also has an awesome original cabinet design, which is what differs it from Tornado tables I’ve mentioned above. It is also twice as cheap 🙂[carousel_slide id=’1186′]

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American Heritage – Carlyle Foosball Table Review

The second classiest I could find and the winner of this category! Yes, when comparing this table to Carmelli Millennium the latter won in terms of gameplay quality.

But the ability to perform all complex shots is not something that an average customer needs. People prefer sturdy, durable models. Carlyle nails this aspect.

American Heritage - Carlyle Foosball Table

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Carmelli Millennium 55 in. Foosball Table Review

Only the second part of this description is accurate. The table looks good, but not as good as American Heritage. Where the Millenum wins out is definitely the gameplay department. I recommend this table over American Heritage, if you put prioritize gameplay over visuals. [carousel_slide id=’1192′]

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Harvil Beachcomber Foosball Table Review

Damn, people in Harvill really know what they’re doing (see Harvill mini foosball). This table truly has a modern vibe to it, unlike others that I’ve found. 

This thing is the cheapest table that allows for decent ball control and at the same time looks awesome. Can’t say enough good things about Harvill company![carousel_slide id=’1115′]

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