Outdoor foosball table reviews


outdoor foosball table reviews

This one is going to be short as well.

If you have a beautiful backyard or something like that, some forward-looking manufacturers got you covered.

The main problem with outdoor foosball tables is the relatively higher price. I really hate it, when manufacturers pack a table with a bunch of ‘cool’ features that are basically useless for gameplay and that becomes a justification for inadequate price.

outdoor foosball tables rant

Not all models are guilty of this, but most of them are, it’s just a common way of making money for the manufacturer.

Watch out for reviews praising a model that ‘comes with a cover’ or something equally stupid. You can cover a table with basically anything. Ask yourself: should it be a deciding factor for a $1,000 purchase?

So for this category I’ve tried to find weatherproof tables with only usefull features. Which left me with only one worthy product imho.


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