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Best Foosball Table

Hello, foosbal enthusiasts!


The best foosball table ever made currently available on the market is Tornado Tournament 3000 (~$2,100).

Still, there are many other options out there and I’ve created this website for those who need help comparing and rating them.

Foosball is criminally underrated despite it having incredible depth and very high skill ceiling. I got instantly in love with this game and wanted to get my own table asap. Short version: I tried to find the least expensive table that would still allow me to practice and refine my play. Tornado wasn’t an option since I’m based in Europe, plus it’s not really that popular here. It was much bigger pain in the ass than I expected.

This is my attemp at weeding out most of the useless info on this subject. There are lots of reviews telling people to buy a certain table because it comes with 3 goalies or ‘scoring system that doesn’t create pauses during the game’, as if that really makes a difference.

An army of die-hard iPhone Tornado fans also doesn’t help.

I’ve tried to narrow down each category to 4 or 5 best items according to my experience/research I’ve done.

Last point I’d like to add is that you can often find used tables for much lower price. But that can be difficult for numerous reasons. It may take time untill something good comes up on Craigslist. Also, used Tornado tables can only be found in US.

Hopefully you can find something that fits your budget and style of play


Mini foosball table

Usually between $50-$100, easily portable. Mini foosball table can be a lot of fun for young kids.

Foosball coffee tables | Living room foosball tables

These tables can be a great way to complement and add a new dimension to the room. Between $600-$2,000

Best foosball table for kids | Best foosball tables under $200

Maybe you are not ready to buy a full-sized table yet.

Best foosball tables under $500

Cheap high quality table that fits your budget. In my opinion these are also the best foosball tables for offices and college gaming rooms.

Best foosball table under $1,000

You actually love the game and want to get the best experience out of the table. If money is no object, this is the category for you

Outdoor foosball table reviews

More casual and seasonal, easy to move tables. It’s important to find something really durable for outdoor use! These tables tend to cost  around $1,000.

Here is great video covering some basic concepts!

Please make sure to click here if you've read the main page till the end, I really appreciate it!

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