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Hello, foosbal enthusiasts!


The best foosball table ever made currently available on the market is Tornado Tournament 3000 (~$2,100).

But do you really have to splash out $1,500-$2,000 in order to enjoy this amazing? Of course no.

Foosball is criminally underrated despite it having incredible depth and very high skill ceiling. It’s good for people of all ages.

Internet is full of the useless info on this subject. There are lots of reviews telling people to buy a certain table because it comes with 3 goalies or ‘scoring system that doesn’t create pauses during the game’, as if that really makes a difference.

Hopefully you can find something that fits your budget and style of play.

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Mini foosball table makes a great gift for kids. Have to be honest, it’s not really my cup of tea, since I’m way past that age. But let’s not make it about me and come up with some products that stand out in this category.

It’s not all great here in terms of high-quality materials, mostly plastic, MDF, but sometimes real wood. Visually appealing tables get extra points since we’re talking about kids.

Harvill Tabletop mini foosball (~60$)

My only true love in this category, it provides the best value for your money and looks very, very nice ...
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27″ Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table Game w/ Legs mini foosball table (~$40)

Certainly the best name award winner! But other than that all around a solid purchase for this category. It's pretty ...
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tabletop by hey play review

Mini foosball table by Hey! Play!(~$20)

In some sense this item should've been my first recommendation. People on Amazon love it and I get why: for only ...
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Sport Squad FX40 mini foosball table (~$60)

I like this one simply because it tries to replicate the visuals of full-seized tables. It's does a great job at that, ...
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foosball pull shot gif

foosball snake shot gif

Carrom 750.33 foosball table

Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak foosball table (~$640/814)

First things first: its so stupid if you ask me, but it's actually MDF and not burr oak. That's a serious marketing issue, guys! It's a great table, but I'll describe the cons first. Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak is basically ...
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tornado 3000 foosball table review

Tornado Foosball Tables Review

Well, if kept short, Tornado is probably the most popular and well-designed foosball table out there. It can be found in bars all over the world and is the commonly agreed standard for tournaments.  It celebrates precise, drill-heavy/zero mistakes style of play, ...
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